05 Abr 2019



Luxe Talent, an International recruitment company specialized in Luxury, Consumer and Retail sector, is looking for a Loyalty Marketing Manager to join the headquarter of one of the world leaders on the luxury surface sector in Almeria.

Main responsabilities

  1. Identify and analyse issues and opportunities in the loyalty area across the markets
  2. Define and quantify potential scenarios, drawing conclusions, carrying out recommendations and then managing the communication to drive the decision process
  3. Design, develop and execute a loyalty marketing plans to ensure full member engaged with the loyalty program
  4. Monitor and report on the status and health of the loyalty program
  5. Create an internal segmentation strategy to ensure the business can easily understand and identify our broad range of customers and how they engage with us
  6. Coordinating Loyalty budget planning and execution
  7. ROI analysis
  8. Delivering actions to enhance the Loyalty Program Awareness
  9. Work with our external partners/agencies

Main Requeriments

  1. Experienced marketing management, developing local and global marketing initiatives, particularly regarding loyalty setting and segmentation
  2. International experience (working across markets)
  3. Customer oriented, used to develop business strategies that tend to reflect a customer concern or motivations, identifying and synthesizing key insights from research into a concise story for the client
  4. Good knowledge of Power-point and Excel is a must
  5. Good working knowledge of English is necessary
  6. Good knowledge of the surfaces industry is a plus